With a data-driven approach, we develop information solutions to help companies in the retail industry solve complex business problems.

The volume of all types of business data increases every day. From traditional information sources such as companies’ sales numbers or production line times, to new alternative and more complex data, such as georeferenced consumer mobility patterns, pedestrian flows, vehicle density, or cargo movement measured through satellite images, the availability of data keeps growing at a fast pace.

Some of the market intelligence solutions we develop for companies in the retail industry are:

  • Expansion and Site Planning Solutions with Location Intelligence.
  • Sales Forecasting Models that help predict the expected revenue in a potential location or in one already under operation.
  • Market research studies: identification and measurement of market size (both online or physical), total addressable market, players, share, competitors and other relevant variables.
  • Identification and characterization of potential customers.
  • Probabilistic models for asset protection and operational risk prevention systems.
  • Identification of potential markets through alternative data.
  • Tailor-made market intelligence solutions.

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