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The Real Estate industry has benefitted greatly from real estate data analytics software. The massive growth along with immense success has been due to technological advancements that help agents, landlords, tenants, and property teams face the obstacles easily. These tech-enabled solutions allow an enhanced experience for the customers as well.

We use data science techniques to improve real estate placement decisions at PREDIK Data-Driven, using analytics and predictive models to get the most accurate picture of present and future performance in any particular site, neighborhood, or city. We give our customers with a broad and impartial view that helps them make better investment and business decisions by combining geospatial data approaches with other sources of real estate market information.

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Different forms of analysis can be performed using land data and maps to help professionals and their clients better understand the market and the variables that influence it, enhance real estate projections, discover a desired site and track changes over time, and so on.

  • Price research by area and examination of a property’s surrounds.
  • Interactive maps of the floating population, mobility, and residential and commercial real estate inventory provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Studies on area appropriateness and sales forecasting models.
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial markets are all segmented in this analysis.
  • Inventory, sales, absorption rates, and buyer preferences are all factors to consider when evaluating purchase possibilities.
  • Demand modeling based on price per m2 is used to assess feasibility.

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