Market Intelligence & Research

Competitive Intelligence for Research

For any business, competitive intelligence is essential for success. all business owners and marketing teams in businesses need to be able to understand their competition. If they are able to tackle the industry or the market and beat their competition, they will be able to adapt quickly to trends and market shifts. Market intelligence software allows quick research and quality analysis with the help of market intelligence tools.

Market Intelligence Solutions

At PREDIK Data-Driven we develop market research analytics related solutions that tend the needs of either a niche market or the general consumer. We can explore B2B, B2C and other related markets, to analyze players, market-share, turnover, consumables, products, logistic chain, performance ratios and forecasts, among other key data points.

  • Market research solutions tailor made to specific business needs.
  • Big Data, machine learning, market intelligence tools, to precisely measure and track both retail and B2B markets.
  • Tracking of macroeconomic indexes, sectoral growth, and economic forecasts.
  • Studies of foreign trade flows in Latin American countries and the United States.
  • Exploratory mapping of outlets, stores, and other points of interest.
  • Identification and analysis of economic and business trends between companies, through cutting edge market intelligence techniques from Big Data to Machine Learning.
  • Company information systems that allow macro – analysis such as environmental, macroeconomic, political, and business climate.
  • Site selection models for retail expansion strategies.
  • Complete analysis of the market: We measure apparent consumption when there is insufficient information from traditional channels to determine with precision the total size of a market.
  • Evaluation of new production lines from a business perspective, both for mass consumer market and industrial products.
  • Market studies that pinpoint economic and productive relationships between physical facilities, companies, and others.

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