Geomarketing Solutions and Geospatial Modeling

Analysis and processing of geospatial data that provide value in business decision making. Through the combination of several layers of information, collected from sources such as cell tower locations, official data and social network consumption, PREDIK Data-Driven develops information solutions such as:

  • Sales estimation models per point based on vehicle traffic and movement of people in supermarket and shopping center parking lots.
  • Maps of population concentration by zones, with socio-demographic information such as age, gender, socioeconomic level and preferences and interests for products and services.
  • Information systems to analyze the evolution of green surfaces or built areas by zones, by means of satellite photographs.
  • Agricultural Sector Uses: Defining Plantation Health Indexes.
  • Industrial and logistics sector uses: identification and sizing of distribution centers, ideal for estimating production capacity.
  • Georeferencing of points in any area.