Geospatial Data Science to solve business problems

Geospatial Analytics Software in Data Science

Geospatial analytics software is big a great advancement in data science. It has allowed data science to focus on identifying various features of spatial data. Once these features are identified, they can be easily analyzed through the models that show us where and when certain events in an organization have happened.

What business problems can be solved?

There are multiple applications available for Geospatial Data to make business decisions. Whether identifying the best locations for new retail outlets, measuring industrial infrastructure or detecting weed outbreaks in plantations by analyzing satellite imagery, or even competitor analysis models and large-scale object counting, ways in which companies can take advantage of spatial data are countless.

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PREDIK Data-Driven is a research firm with more than 12 years of experience in developing solutions for companies and governments in the United States and Latin America.Our specialty is the design of high-value, data-driven information solutions that support companies in solving complex business problems.

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    • Processing and interpretation of satellite images or high and low resolution area.
    • Multispectral image processing.
    • Image classification models.
    • Classification algorithms for object identification in images.
      • Models for identifying and determining the objects in images, also counting and sizing these objects.
        • How many distribution centers or warehouses are in the image?
        • How large are each of the warehouses?
      • Object identification models in high-resolution satellite images for structural sizing.


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