Data Mining Services

What is Data Mining?

Ithe process of extracting data in an automated way, then discovering patterns in large data sets with the goal of finding the best way to transform the information into a comprehensible structure for further use. 


Our Data Mining Solutions fit every company

Social Media Data Mining

Data collection from social media platforms that helps collecting and understanding very valuable information for your business goals. Discovering new trends, doing benchmarks with your competitors, optimizing your marketing strategies for new products and services, and much more. 

Image Data Mining

Uncountable images available on the internet can be retrieved from large datasets, to prepare them for further analysis and useful findings. 

Web Data Mining

Everything you see on a webpage can be collected, analyzed and arranged in the most suitable way to cover any specific business needs. We have the most powerful tools to scrap the information in the fastest and most efficient way. 

Geo Spacial Data Mining

Identifying the best locations for new points of sale, measuring industrial infrastructure, detection of weed foci in plantations through the analysis of satellite images, to large-scale object counting and competitor research models, the ways companies can take advantage of geo spatial data mining are countless.

Excel, Word & PDF Data Mining

Make from scratch or take an existing Excel database, clean it, and/or apply formulas and models to get the spreadsheet you were looking for. The scope of our Microsoft data mining goes beyond the spreadsheets, we can also collect, modify, and analyze large volumes of data contained in Word files. We have also designed our own algorithms to extract data from PDFs and then analyze it with the most appropriate process. 

SQL Data Mining

 In the general conversation of data world, we will always find this useful way to create, store, and modify data: SQL. There are several advantages to perform data mining in SQL, mainly the handling of big data, thousands of millions of records cleaned and set ready for the analysis with this method.  

Image Data Mining

 The mining is not limited to numbers and words. It is possible to perform image retrieval from large datasets found on the internet, then prepare them for analysis and study. 

Open-Source Data Mining

We are able to perform all types of data extraction using any kind of open source software, we can adapt our methodologies and techniques to suit the client´s specific business requirements in terms of software. 

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